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4-point Plumbing Inspections 4-Point Inspections

This is a license inspection requested by all insurance companies when homes are at or over 30 years old. Inspection is needed to obtain a homeowner insurance policy or renewal of an existing one. The visual inspection is usually completed within a one-hour period depending on square footage of home.


The inspection is performed only on the four primary elements on home: roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Our inspection is conducted on a state form with all required photos needed. We first start by an extensive Internet search of your property.

4-point inspection

4-point inspections include:

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  • Roof inspection

  • Electrical inspection

  • Plumbing inspection

  • HVAC inspection

Licensed by the state of Florida for home inspections

This will let us know what materials used to construct your home when the house was original built. For example: Built-up and Fiberglass type roofing used has only life expectancy of 20 years.


Electrical fuse type panels (Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), Zinsco) and some Challenger breaker panels are a concern. Knob-and-tube, cloth, and aluminum wiring are all issues to insurance companies. Whereas clay, cast iron, galvanize and polythene used are the key points we look at during the plumbing portion of the inspection.


If your home has air conditioning and heating systems over 20 years and old you should know that some of these materials are claimed to be redeemed as unsafe and accountable for many insurance claims as they age.

Age of home

What is Permitting/Documentation?

Permits are legal documentation on replacement and the age of materials used for repairs and upgrades to homes. With this information known, we now can perform this visual inspection which included visual estimating age, life expectancy, and condition of materials. We take dated photos for all required views required.


Every inspection is performed by the licensed inspector only, not an unqualified employee. With inspection completed, a brief consolation with homeowner on any deficiencies found and repairs needed.  If you need referrals to family-owned, qualified, and professional licensed contractors for all repairs needed, but if only requested by the customer.


All our inspection reports are put together at our office and reviewed. PDF and emailed to both homeowner and insurance agency within 24 hours period.

4-Point Roof Inspection Electrical Inspections