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By guest, Apr 28 2016 12:03PM

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Sep 15 2016 03:32PM by Joan Schlerath

Thank you for your Inspection Services, Very friendly, professional and on Time! Would recommend this company!

Sep 15 2016 03:45PM by steve Lavely

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Foy. I recently had a neighbors house have a sale fall thru because of home inspection's discovery of faulty wiring. As my home is 40 years old it occurred to me a home inspection as if it were for sale would be in my best interest. As the saying goes " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" I have seen Matt's portfolio of things he looks for to protect everyone in a transaction. It's great knowing someone like Matt that can protect your interest whether you're a buyer or a seller of real estate; or just want a thorough inspection of your home to catch those minor problems before they become major repairs.

Sep 15 2016 04:17PM by Pamela Wright

This company is in Sarasota any offices in Pinellas County?

Sep 15 2016 04:42PM by Jim Stansbury

I've known Matt for a few years and always recommend him to people wanting to buy or sell a home. He is an honest, experienced and licensed professional who will tell you what needs to be done before listing or closing. He also does wind mitigation studies that can save thousands on home insurance depending on your roof design and construction. My study did just that and when it expires after 5 years, I'll call Matt to do the next one.

Sep 18 2016 02:13AM by Leann Ouellette

Matt is a multi-talented professional. He has expert knowledge about all the aspects of Home Inspections from air conditioning to electrical wiring with a specialty in roofs and wind mitigation. His thorough inspection can save you thousands of dollars on your home insurance. If you are buying or selling a home, do yourself a favor, call Matt. Tell him Leann sent you.

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