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This inspection is for a real estate purchase of a property that you wish to buy. The inspection is a limited visual inspection that can span of 1.5 hours to 4 hours, depending on the square footage, components of the property, or whether the structure is a single or multifamily.


This inspection is strictly performed on property by our qualified Florida state license inspector.  We use software that is state-of-the-art, lists 17 to 20 categories with 15 to 30 check points per category.  The categories range from exterior components, roof, electrical, HVAC, attic, plumbing, garage, structure, fireplaces, living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry room, etc.


An “average” small home inspection will have 20 to 25 pages with 425 check points throughout the property. Areas we do not inspect are swimming pools, spas, wells, and septic systems. We do have two unique categories that reflect on Marginal and Defective areas.


There are particular pages that realtors look for. The Marginal portion lists the Category and the Component in which may or will need maintenance. For instance: rain gutters are full of debris and need cleaning; air filter for HVAC needs cleaning; or re-caulking needed around bathroom sink.


As for the Deficiency portion, we list issues in Category and Component area that have failed and requires repairs, replacement, or a recommendation that a qualified license contractor of that Category to evaluate. To give you several examples: 1) A broken pane in a window will require a qualified glazer. 2) A leaking roof will require repairs from a licensed roofer. 3) Finally, a house with no foundation (yes you read that right) sitting right on the dirt, will require a structural engineer.


The inspection is a very long intense, focused,  visual inspection, with extreme consequences when missed or missed judged components of the home.  


With that said, we feel very confident in completing any inspection due to our 15 years of selling these components of a house and 40 years of construction experience of installing them. With our experience of what not to do and where shortcuts can be taken or easily  located by us, aids us to become one of the best, professional inspection companies you will find.  


Along with our state-of-art software and customer friendliness, we stand out of the crowd of inspection companies. To seal the deal, we are very passionate about our job relationship between you the client and me the helpful inspector.


After all it may the BIGGEST INVESTMENT OF YOU LIFE, and we want to be a part of that.

Full home inspection

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Pre-listing Inspection

This inspection is for those home owners that want to sell their home and get top dollar. You need to eliminate degrading and expensive surprises of replacing roofs, air conditioning systems, electrical service changes, and plumbing leaks. Performing this inspection before listing you property could save you money during the sale of your home.


While performing this inspection, an inspector notes potential expensive problems. The four major expensive components of a home are Roof Components, Air Conditioning Systems, Electrical Systems and Plumbing.


The details, estimated home age, component life expectancy and condition are investigated. With this information in a report, you can make the needed repairs at a fraction of the cost you would lose during the sale of your home.

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