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Roof certification is a license inspection that some insurance companies usually required with homes over 30 years or when the roof’s date age is over 10 to 15 years old. This exterior inspection is to estimated the age, condition, and life expectancy of your current roof.


We start in the office with an extensive permit search for re-roofing or additions to a home and the proof roof age date.

Roof Certification

Site inspection condition for all types of roofs:

Our license holder is present for all inspections to provide you with the most thorough and accurate assessment of your roof's condition.

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  • Shingle roofs

  • Tile roofs

  • Build-up roofs

  • Membrane roofs

  • Metal roofs and more

We're a family and locally owned Christian based home inspection business

Inspections conditions:

  • Blistered roof shingles

  • Brittle shingles

  • Loose shingles

  • Cracked roofs

  • Broken or missing sections

  • Exposure

We also inspect all roof penetrations, plumber vent stacks, roof vents and chimneys. All insurance companies require a complete inspection on Citizen Roof Certification form. With inspection completed, a brief consolation on inspection with recommendations of repairs with referrals if needed. Once the form is completed, a PDF with all required photos will be emailed to all parties involved.

Shingle Roof Inspections