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A wind mitigation Inspection is a license inspection performed on a home to reduce your home owners insurance. The inspection is to retain credits available to you. Available credits are for homes constructed after March 1, 2002. Also documented are all roofs aged newer than March 1, 2002. Homes and roofs constructed on this date or after are wind load rated at 110 mph.


Other credits available are the roof decking attachments—8d nails that are installed 6” from the edge and 12” apart or 6” from edges and 6” apart. Also closed ceil spray foam installed in attic no roof deck will also retain same credit. Then there is the controversy Roof to Wall Connection. The connection is controversy, due to passed, former wind mitigation required to photograph.


To retain credit now we must photograph roof decks showing nailing. Connection now are only creditable for three nails or more to retain this same credit.


We check for roof geometry for this credit. We calculate our homes foot print to your roofs non-hip type roofs.


Credit is available for roofs with 10% or less of your perimeter of the house. Secondary Water Resistant underlayment installation applied directly to roof decking during re-roofing is another credit. The last credit available is complete hurricane protection meaning ALL OPEINGS are impact rated or FBC shutter ready installation protected.


Windows, doors, skylights and garage doors all must have documentation and labels to be permitted to retain this credit. All of this is completed on an 1802 Wind Mitigation Form only with all required photos and documentation to retain your credits.


A first-time inspection can reduce your home owners insurance $300 to $500 per year for the next five years. This inspection is only valid if performed by a license qualified contractor listed on the last page of the state form. Color photos and documentation are needed to retain credits.

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